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Rockywoods Wholesale Program

Giving you the advantage you need.

Rockywoods is pleased to announce a brand new wholesale program for our business customers.

Better Pricing Plus More

The default Rockywoods website will be to show cut yardage at retail prices. No larger volume pricing, such as roll pricing, will be shown. Wholesale Customer prices are shown once a user logs onto the site. Wholesale Customer pricing starts at 5% off of retail prices for cut yardage. Roll, case, and lot prices are also available where appropriate.

All samples and sample sets are 50% off of retail pricing.

Priority Allocation

All customers signed up as Wholesale Customer users are assigned Priority Allocation. This means that if there is a contention for a scarce fabric or hardware resource, the Wholesale Customer users would be allocated fabric or hardware prior to any retail customers.


Given the wide availability of financing through financial means such as credit cards and PayPal, Rockywoods does not offer any "Net" payment terms.

Wholesale Newsletter

Wholesale Customer users will be opted into a special newsletter that is just for Wholesale Customer users. It will be published about once per month and contain new arrivals, back-in-stock items, specials and advance notice of upcoming sales. Wholesale Customer users can always opt out of receiving this newsletter.


All existing companies in our database were transferred over automatically. There is no charge for joining the Rockywoods Wholesale Customer program. There is no ongoing dollar purchase volume requirement. New users only need to request to be added and provide a company name, and EIN or W-9, or something to show they are a company.


Wholesale prices are available from now going forward. No discounted prices are available retroactively. We reserve the right to correct pricing errors and/or change prices at any time.


Questions or comments should be emailed to