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Gift Certificate
Fabric Part Number : Gift Certificate
Samples Available Below,
  Roll Size  : [Error processing dynamic tag getCurrentAttribute('item','reordermultiple') : record giftcert 3224 not found] yard roll
Coating : 
Waterproof Resistance : 
Durable Water Repellent Finish : 
Breathability :  Breathability
The Breathability of a fabric measures the ability of the fabric to allow water vapor to move through the fabric. Measured in grams of water per square meter of fabric per 24 hour period.

Sales Unit: [Error processing dynamic tag getCurrentAttribute("item","saleunit") : record giftcert 3224 not found]
Pantone Color : 
Nominal Fabric Width : 
Nominal Fabric Thickness : 
Nominal Shipping Weight : [Error processing dynamic tag getCurrentAttribute('item','weight') : record giftcert 3224 not found]  [Error processing dynamic tag getCurrentAttribute('item','weightunit') : record giftcert 3224 not found] per [Error processing dynamic tag getCurrentAttribute('item','saleunit') : record giftcert 3224 not found]
Nominal Shipping Weight
The Nominal Shipping Weight describes the weight of the item per Shipping Unit, and accounts for the width of the fabric, packaging or unusual size issues. See Nominal Fabric Weight for a measurement of the weight of the item in oz per square yard.
Stock Availability : [Error processing dynamic tag getCurrentAttribute('item','stockdescription') : record giftcert 3224 not found] Stock Availability
The Stock Availability describes the ability to reorder or restock the item.
  • Standard Item This item is generally in stock, or available in 3-5 days if we temporarily are out.
  • Limited Quantities This item was bought as a close-out, manufacturer's over-run or in some other fashion which makes re-ordering this item not likely.
  • Discontinued Item This item has been discontinued by either us or the manufacturer and we will not be re-stocking it.
  • Special Order This item is generally not stocked but is available in 3-5 days for off-the-shelf items, to 3 weeks for printed fabrics, to 10 weeks for customer made or dyed fabrics..

Nominal Fabric Weight :  oz per sq yard
Nominal Fabric Weight in GSM To convert oz/sq yard to gm/sq m, multiply by 33.906
Care Instructions : 
Suggested Needle : 
Suggested Thread : 

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Gift Certificate

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Thoughtfully provided by ___________________________________________
(970) 663-6163

Date of issuance ________________

Certificate # ________________

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