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Plastic/Metal, Thread & Other Hardware
Narrow Fabrics
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Hardware & Zippers

This section of Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics website contains all of our webbing, zipper, cord, velcro, thread, seam sealers, cleaners, elastic, tapes and hardware (like side release buckles, triglides, trirings, looplocks, D-rings, clips, hooks and cord locks)

  Plastic/Metal, Thread & Other Hardware
All of our plastic and metal hardware, except zipper hardware, which is with the NARROW FABRICS, seam sealers, cleaners, rings, buckles, repair kits and sewing thread.
T70 Bonded Nylon Thread, Approximately 16oz Cones
  Narrow Fabrics
Narrow fabrics are webbing, zippers and zipper hardware, elastic webbing, elastic, velcro and tape fasteners, binding and grosgrain products.