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Renewable & Recycled Fabrics
snowy mountains_240.jpg
Renewable Fabrics are those made from sources that are farmed:  soy, hemp, bamboo, cotton, trees.  These can be grown as crops and harvested year after year.

Recycled fabrics have some portion of their fabric content that was used once before:  some milk and soda containers for example can be recycled into polyester fleece.

Organic Fabrics come to us with the claim that there were no pesticides used during the growing of these plants or animals.
  Recycled Fiber Fabrics
While not a natural fiber, recycled fleece, also known as eco-fleece
and ecospun, is still earth-friendly because it is made from recycled
soda bottles, milk containers and other PET plastic containers.  It is
as wonderfully soft as virgin fleece, provides superior warmth with
minimal weight, and wicks away moisture; making it an ideal fabric for
  Organic Fiber Fabrics

The cotton content in these fabric is 100% organic cotton.  The polyester content is new polyester.

  Renewable Fiber Fabrics

CLOSE-OUT SALE.  Once these are gone, they're gone.

Fabrics with some Lycra or Spandex in them so that they have 4-way stretch.

These fabrics come from plants that are considered renewable, such as bamboo, hemp, pine and soy.