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Amerglo 300D Polyester Reflective Fabric

Amerglo 300D Polyester Reflective Fabric

Fabric Part Number : AMERGLO
Sample Part Number : SAMAMERGLO (Go to sample below)
Stock Availability : Standard Item Stock Availability
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Sales Unit: Linear Yard
Nominal Shipping Weight : 16.1 oz per Linear Yard Nominal Shipping Weight
The Nominal Shipping Weight describes the weight of the item per Shipping Unit, and accounts for packaging or unusual size issues. See Nominal Fabric Weight for a measurement of the weight of the item.

Nominal Fabric Weight : 9.2 oz per sq yard
Nominal Fabric Weight in GSM To convert oz/sq yard to gm/sq m, multiply by 33.906
Nominal Fabric Width : 59/60"

AMERGLO™ fabrics are developed on a high quality 100% polyester fabric for use in products where high visibility is required. A fluorescent orange or aluminum color-coating is applied followed by clear glass reflective beads, reflecting light up to a distance of 300 feet. This is ideal for items requiring nighttime visibility and safety.

Some applications include:

  • Reflective strip for boat trailer cover
  • Safety vests
  • News boys vests

1 – 99$21.99
100 +$17.59
 per Linear Yard

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