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Cascade Bicycle Saddlebags Pattern
  Medium Weight Nylon Fabrics
Medium Weight Nylon Fabrics like 330D and 500 Denier Cordura Nylon fabrics are a polyamide made from petroleum. They are lightweight, strong and durable. The fabric allows easy evaporation and dries quickly. The wearer feels less friction between garments and outer clothing. Nylon is widely used as apparel, home furnishings, industrial applications and geo-textiles.
  Medium Weight Polyester Fabrics
Medium Weight Polyester Fabrics like 600 Denier, Solution Dyed Polyester, 600 x 300 Denier Polyester fabrics.

Polyester fabric is a versatile and important man-made fabric. It has an outstanding characteristic of resisting wrinkle and springing back into its crisp smooth shape. It is strong, and soft hand. The fabric is resistant to stretching and shrinkage. They are quick to dry and are resilient. It has an excellent pleat retention property. It requires minimum care and is easily washable.

Polyester clothing has a good stability and strength and is resistant to stretching and shrinkage. It is not damaged by sunlight or weather. It is widely used as tarps, equipments cases and luggage, protective covers and other outdoor covers.
  Medium Weight Polypropylene Fabrics

Propex™ Curv® is a novel material made from Polypropylene that combines the versatility of a 100% thermoplastic with the high performance of a fibre reinforced composite. High stiffness, high tensile strength and outstanding impact resistance at low density are the remarkable properties of this material.

Propex Curv is a heavy textured woven fabric that has a durable water repellent face treatment with a clear urethane backside coating for superior protection. Generally used for bags, totes, backpacks, luggage, pet products and more. Offers excellent abrasion resistance and strength for rugged usage. Character and performance is likened to 1000 denier Cordura. Propex fabrics are made of polypropylene with excellent UV resistance.