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Fleece is a great fabric for providing warmth and wicking away moisture.  It is made from polyester so it doesn't retain any water.  It is spun so that it's fibers trap air and hold heat in.  Wear a fleece jacket underneath a waterproof overcoat and you can venture out in truly crummy weather.

Some fleeces like SofShell and Windbloc have a fleece layer and a laminate or denser layer to block wind.  These have proven to be very popular as 3 season jackets.

Although Polartec was the original fleece fabric manufacturer, there are many fleece fabrics on the market.  Unfortunately many of these inferior fleeces pill, fade and do not hold up very well to use and washings.  We carry Polartec fleece and a couple more that we've tested to make sure they don't pill with washing and last with reasonable use.

Download a free Kwik*Sew "No-Sew" fleece blanket pattern.
  Polartec Fleece

Polarfleece® is the original synthetic fleece fabric from Polartec LLC (aka Malden Mills) that has forever changed the way the world dresses for cold weather.  We carry several weights and colors of Polartec fleece fabric.

Womens Jacket And Hoodie Pattern
  Soft Shell Fleece
These Soft Shell Fleeces have a smooth, woven face and a fleece back.  Look for
  • Gore Windstopper
  • Gore Soft Shells
  • Polartec® Hi Loft Powershield®
  Wind Pro - Windbloc Fleece
Polartec Wind Pro & Windbloc Fleeces are a new revolution in thermal fabrics that allows you to forgo the use of a shell in all but the most extreme wet or windy conditions.
  Polartec Power Stretch
Polartec Power Stretch fabrics feature body-hugging 4-way stretch, great wicking and breathability.
  Other Fleece Fabrics
Polyester Fleece Fabrics other than Polartec or SoftShell, like wool blend fleece, sweatshirt fleece, suedes, and polyester fleece.
GP-Skyline Jacket Pattern