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Stain Removal Help

To successfully remove stains from Nylon or Polyester fabrics, treat the stain as soon as possible to prevent it from setting.

Use the following guide for specific stains. Type of Stain Procedure and Removal
  • Acid-Neutralize with ammonia
  • Adhesive tape-Harden with ice, rub off with fingers
  • Alcoholic Beverages-Rinse with cold water, immediately followed by white
  • vinegar, then rinse with cold water
  • Alkali-Neutralize with vinegar
  • Blood-Rinse in cold water, then dilute ammonia, sponge with
  • detergent and water, then rinse thoroughly
  • Butter-Rinse with hot water
  • Chewing Gum-Apply ice, rinse with cold water, then sponge with Perchloroethylene (spot remover)
  • Chocolate-Rinse with cold water, sponge with bleach
  • Coffee-Rinse with cold water, sponge with detergent and water
  • Egg-Rinse with cold water, sponge with detergent and water
  • Fruit-If fresh, pour boiling water through stain; if stubborn bleach with hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide
  • Grass-Sponge with alcohol, then detergent and water
  • Ice Cream-Sponge with Perchloroethylene (spot remover)
  • Iodine-Sponge with alcohol
  • Ink (Pen) If fresh, sponge with detergent and water. If dried, sponge with bleach, then oxalic acid (spot remover), and then scrub with detergent and water
  • Ink (Ballpoint)-Scrub with detergent and water, then rinse. For stubborn stains, use petroleum jelly, then sponge with Perchloroethylene (spot remover). Some inks dissolve in glycerine followed by shampoo
  • Iron Rust-Sponge with oxalic acid (spot remover), rinse well; or, spread with salt, moisten with lemon juice, then place in the sun
  • Lipstick-Sponge with alcohol or Perchloroethylene (spot remover)
  • Mildew-Sponge with bleach, followed by water rinse
  • Milk or Cream-Sponge with Perchloroethylene (spot remover)
  • Mustard-Apply warm glycerine, wash with sudsy water and Hydrosulfite bleach
  • Oil-Scrub with detergent and water, sponge with Perchloroethylene (spot remover)
  • Paint-Scrub with detergent and water, then sponge with Perchloroethylene (spot remover) or with turpentine. If not dried, latex and acrylic paints will wash away
  • Perspiration-Sponge with peroxide and ammonia, rinse with water
  • Sugar-Sponge with hot water
  • Tar-Moisten with Perchloroethylene (spot remover), scrape off, then sponge reside with same solvent
  • Tea-Scrub with borax solution and rinse, or keep stain moist With lemon juice, then expose to the sun for a day or two.