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How do I care for my Polartec® clothing?
The care
instructions for the majority of our fabrics are: machine wash warm,
tumble dry low, do not use bleach, avoid use of fabric softener, do not
iron, and do not dry clean.     Since we do not create and manufacture
the clothing, we do not know what type of trim or other materials our
customers are using which may affect care instructions.

Can I use fabric softeners on Polartec® fabrics to reduce static?

addition of fabric softeners affects the function of the water
repellent applied to some Polartec® fabrics, but oftentimes, diminishes
the static problem. There are various brands of softeners with
different chemistries and some will help static at the expense of water
repellency, and others will have no effect on either. No softener will
damage the basic fabric and will come off in the next wash. We do not
recommend using fabric softeners on Polartec® Power Dry® or Polartec®
Power Stretch® because it may inhibit wicking and drying properties.