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Fabric Measures and Conversions

Some measurements we've collected on fabric

These measurements are believed to be correct at the time of determination but are offered without guarantee for accuracy or correctness.  Please use them as a guide an estimate and order a sample if the dimension or weight is a critical element of the fabric for your usage.

Fabric PN Weight

 oz/sq yard



1984-3   13
1985-1 2.2  
1986-9 2.8 3
1989-2 7.3 11
49546-1   13
6603-108 4.7 6
6604-108 7.3 10.5
6840 3.4  
HT030 11 16
JM738 7.25  
NV788 30  
SEA023 6.25 9

Conversion Factors

This table contains approximate conversion factors.

Symbol When You Know Multiply by To Find Symbol
mil mils (thousands of an inch) 0.0254 millimeters mm
in inch 25.4 millimeters mm
ft feet 0.305 meters m
yd yard 0.914 meters m
m meter 1.09 yards yd
yd2 square yards 9 square feet ft2
yd2 square yards 0.836 square meters m2
m2 square meters 1.195 square yards yd2
oz ounce 28.35 grams g
g gram 0.035 ounce oz
oz/sq yd ounce/square yard See example total fabric weight oz
oz/sq yd ounce/square yard 33.906 gram/square meter g/sq m

Some examples

To convert oz/sq yard to total fabric weight use the following formula

  • Weight per linear yard = fabric width / 36 * Weight /sq yard  * Total length of fabric in yards
    (As an example, let's calculate the weight of 7 yards of Harbor-Time.  Harbor Time is 62" wide so the weight of 7 yards is 62 / 36 * 11 * 7 =  132.6 oz, or 8.3 lbs.)

To convert oz/sq yard to g/sq m use the following formula

  • Weight, oz per sq yd * 33.906 = Weight, grams per square meter
    (As an example, let's convert the weight of Harbor-Time, whose English weight is 11 oz/sq yd.  11* 33.906 = 373 g/sq m)

To convert mils to mm use the following formula

  • Thickness in mils x 0.0254 = Thickness in millimeters
    (As an example, let's calculate the thickness of Harbor-Time, which is 16 mils (0.016") thick. 16 * 0.0254 = 0.41mm)