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Shade Dry Boat Fly
Custom Backpack
MultiCam Work Apron
CORDURA Nylon Kayak
Custom Wade Fishing Belts
Brown CORDURA Messenger Bag
MultiCam Camp Chair
High Performance Pack
1000D Digital Desert Camo Holster
Waterproof Breathable Jacket
MultiCam Molle Gear
Sunbrella Hot Tub Protective Cover
Festive Patio Table Cover
Polyester Tote Bag
Portable Shooting Rest
Another Cute Prom Couple
Camo SoftTopper
Hunting Dog Protective Vest
Team Cycling

The Photos tab on is one of the most popular pages we have... people love to see what others have made. 
Send us your picture as an email attachment and we'll add it to the photo page here.
Shade Dry Boat Fly N/A
Here's an interesting use for our 1.9oz ripstop nylon, shades for kayaks.

Waterproof Breathable Jacket N/A
This is a nice fall and winter jacket made from the Olive R2D2 fabric.

Custom Backpack N/A
Custom backpack made by Sean A. Socorso
CEO & Owner at Mountain Assault

MultiCam Radio_80.jpg
MultiCam Molle Gear N/A
Some great Molle gear made by Jacob P.

MultiCam Work Apron N/A
I made this
for a co-worker of mine. 500D Multicam FR/DWR, Poly/Lycra Wickaway
Xstatic fabric for the lining. 1in webbing for the straps.  Asymmetric
cut to keep a holster clear during work day. Thanks for the good stuff
Rockywoods! --Dave


Sunbrella Hot Tub Cover_80.JPG
Sunbrella Hot Tub Protective Cover N/A
Sunbrella Hot Tub Protective Cover

CORDURA Nylon Kayak N/A
A kayak a customer made from 1000D CORDURA nylon.

Polyester Tablecloth_80.JPG
Festive Patio Table Cover N/A
This customer used our 600D polyester in stars for a festive patio table cover.

Custom Wade Fishing Belts N/A
Here is a customer that makes Custom Wade Fishing Belts.

Polyester Tote Bag N/A
A cute tote bag for the beach, books, groceries... uses only 1/4 yard of fabric.

Bag 545.JPG
Brown CORDURA Messenger Bag N/A
A customer made this brown messenger bag.

Portable Shooting Rest N/A
A shooting rest made from 1000D Cordura Nylon in an ACU pattern.

MultiCam Camp Chair N/A
MultiCam....  it's not just for Molle gear anymore.

Another Cute Prom Couple N/A
Another cute couple wearing camouflage satin with blaze orange accents.

Enliva N/A
Want some sun protection but don't want to sew it yourself?  Here's a stylish fabric line made from sun protective fabrics.

Camo SoftTop.jpg
Camo SoftTopper N/A
Soft topper for truck made from 600 Denier Polyester in a Superflauge Game camo print.

High Performance Pack N/A
Rasta di Leonardo spent some time sewing this tough pack.

Hunting Dog Protective Vest N/A
Hunting Dog Protective Vest

1000D Digital Desert Camo Holster N/A
Nice adjustable holster from 1000D nylon in Digital Desert from Doug Pearson

Team Cycling N/A
You can see why they cycle as a team...  and not alone!  Jerseys are from Malden Mills Wickaway Grid - Arcadian Green

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