The following list includes a description of each cookie that is generated on web site.


How the cookie is used

Impact when shoppers block cookies


This cookie is used to identify the cart, so that the site can remember items added to your cart. This cookie is needed for basic commerce functionality.

Blocking this cookie renders checkout inoperable.


When you come to the site in response to a promotion, this cookie is used to remember the discount code applied to an order. For example, in a promotional email offering a discount on certain products.

Blocking this cookie means the shopper must enter the promotion code manually during checkout.


This cookie is used by the analytics module to track the shopper’s online visit, and the pages they visit.

Blocking this cookie means tracking information and shopper web activity is not recorded.

Third Party Cookies

Pages with embedded photos and video content from third-party web sites, like Facebook or YouTube, may present cookies from these third-party sites.

Rockywoods cannot control the dissemination of third-party cookies. Check the relevant third-party web site for more information about these.



These cookies allow to route HTTP requests to application servers.

Blocking these cookies can impact functionality on the site.


Unique identifier set for each user’s browser. Allows log analysis to determine the number of unique users of the site.

Blocking this cookie will omit browser tracking capabilities. This can affect reports and other site analytics reports.

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