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Assortment of narrow goods for repairs and small items
Antron Nylon Wear Guard Fabric
1000 denier coated CORDURA Nylon fabric sold by the pound
4.5-5.5 yards of Coated 500 Denier CORDURA® Nylon Fabric - ACU
1000 Denier Coated Mil-Spec Nylon - Tan499
500 Denier Coated Mil-Spec Nylon - Tan499
1000 Denier Coated Nylon Fabric Seconds - Olive
7.25 yards of Mallard Green Harbor-Time Acrylic Coated Polyester Marine Fabric
Approximately 55 pounds of 1000D Uncoated Nylon Fabric Seconds - Gold
Approximately 6.25 lbs of heavyweight mesh fabric remnants.

This item is no longer available.