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SUNSURE® Dense Woven Fabric - Dove Grey
SUNSURE® Dense Woven Fabric - Taupe
SUNSURE® Dense Woven Fabric - Dark Grey
Sunsure® Plus Mesh Fabrics
Antron Nylon Wear Guard Fabric
4.5-5.5 yards of Coated 500 Denier CORDURA® Nylon Fabric - ACU
500 Denier Coated Mil-Spec Nylon - Tan499
7.25 yards of Mallard Green Harbor-Time Acrylic Coated Polyester Marine Fabric
Approximately 55 pounds of 1000D Uncoated Nylon Fabric Seconds - Gold
1000 denier coated CORDURA Nylon fabric sold by the pound
You'll get a mixture of sizes and colors of 1000 denier coated CORUDRA® Nylon fabric. These are the ends of the roll cuts, slightly short fabric but not less than 55" in width, discontinued colors, slightly soiled fabric, or fabric with some minor coating spots. Sold "AS-IS." No Returns.

At this price we cannot sort for piece size or color but no piece is less than 0.5 yards in length.

There is a minimum order of 25 pounds and we reserve the right to round your quantity by +/- 5% for packaging convenience. This fabric is shipped individually, separate from any other item.

This is the same fabric we normally sell for up to $15/yard. If you are making small items this works out to be a little less than $3/yard... a great price!

Shown is a 25 lb box of fabric, approximately 23 yards.

Limited to stock on hand.

Price is $2.50 per pound

Nominal Fabric Width: 55/60"
Stock Availability: Limited quantities
Price: $2.50 per LBS